Web Server & Hosting

With remarkable uptime, several e-commerce add-ons, and a Word Press-improving tool that brings extra elasticity to the popular CMS, JBN Creators is a web host you can count on to get your business online with comfort.

Web Server & Hosting

Are you a business owner? If yes, then web hosting is mandatory for you, no matter what size the business is. Nowadays, our economy is completely Digital that requires your business to have an online presence. Being a business owner, you need to create and maintain a website of your own.  The Websites must include minute details that would be the face of your business.

In a rapidly changing world, people get connected through the internet and technology so that you can even locate a small local business over Google or other search engines. The traditional way of searching information replaced online search and research. Your genuineness can be proved by sharing your online presence that means if you have your website, it is easier for people to trust you. If there exists no website then you have no discoverability, leading to no business. Web hosting isn’t just for businesses, you can web host website for your blogs and website.

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting services include services like a company that stores all your website related files on its server and send them to your readers or potential customers. So, if you want your business to have an online presence, it is advised that you must have Web hosting. JBN Creators Pvt Ltd is a renowned and reader-recommended Web server and hosting service provider.

Why are we better than others?

JBN Creators Pvt Ltd is the most common and best option available for Web hosting. We provide the best Web hosting solution at extremely reasonable rates. We provide custom-made websites to those who are building a new website. We provide 24/7 assistance to our users who get stuck or face a challenge while working on our server. We also provide other essential services like SEO tools and analytics to assist you in improving your Website’s performance to fetch new probable visitors.

Which Technology is preferred by us?

If you want to use WordPress then we will make it simple for you as we also provide services like WordPress Development. We will provide you with software to auto-update your website and keep your WordPress website updated. You can also take backups daily and we offer high-security features to keep your data safe and protected. We use recent technology like CDN, PHP7, and SSD to ensure that your website is safe and fast.

We offer you plans that are mostly similar and simple. When you upgrade our services, you will get a speedy server, great database, sub-domain, and Websites. Our websites are designed in a user-friendly way that means they aren’t complex nor they are expensive. We are here to provide our customers comfort and aim at offering them services at ease.